3 important songs when you’re 2 years old

Elsa from Frozen

Writing about the three most important songs in your life is an easy question when you have a life time of music discovery ahead of you. 

1. Wheels on the bus

This is an old time favorite. It’s hilarious too, to see my two year old do all the moves that go with the song. And even though there are different version of the songs, my toddler doesn’t mind. Just as long as he can keep singing “wound and wound wound and wound”. All day long.

2. Let it go

Frozen is not just for girls. My toddler loves his princesses. In fact, he carries his little surprise egg Elsa doll everywhere. When we were at the toy store the other day, I showed him a plush Elsa doll. He pressed her eye and looked disappointed as he said: “She doesn’t sing letitgo”. Let me tell you now my child, not many will when you press out their eye balls. Anyway. The liberation that goes with shouting out “LetitGOOOOOOO” is totally gender neutral. And just like the many YouTube video’s you may have seen of parents lipsyncing the song with their daughter in the back seat, we burst out in song in the car too. Boys or no.

3. Elmo’s song

This is the song lalalala lalalala Elmo’s song. Lalalala lalalala Elmo’s song. Lalala Lalala Lalala lalaaaaaaa. Lalala Lalala laaaaaaaaaa. Any Lala song is an instant favorite to toddlers with no preference for a language when it comes to singing. He sings his English nursery songs just as fluently as his native Dutch songs, apperently having no clue (or just as much clue) of what the songs are about. And don’t forget: the Elmo voice really helps to make it toddler proof. And parent crazy.

So there you have it. Three important songs, just like my writing 101 prompt called for. I’m curious though: with which songs does your kids drive you crazy?

Xoxo – Irene

7 thoughts on “3 important songs when you’re 2 years old

  1. I laughed so hard. My son is about to turn three in a few days and he almost has the same repertoire of songs.
    Except that “Let it go” became “Teddy gooo”. It’s definitely not only for little girls – as a matter of fact, my son is really enjoying videos with ballet dancers. He even tries to imitate the moves.
    I really hate “Wheels on the bus” and the fact that they go round and round.

    1. That’s so great to hear from another gender neutral parenting mom! As a would have been dancer, it would be a dream come true if he wants to be a ballet dancer. Tutus and all.

  2. That’s a conplete new direction of songs and I can imagine these coming first to your mind. When my daughter was 2, my head would sing barney song,elmo songs and those rhymes. ‘Let it go’ has not been let go since its arrival for my 4yo lol! Good one

  3. I love your approach to the prompt! I had such a hard time thinking where to take mine and make it jive with my blog–you’ve done it perfectly!

  4. I have only fond memories of the songs with which they once drove me crazy (the middle school music choices, not so much…..). Elmo still makes me smile like little else.

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