The lost art of writing

Note book in the train

[Writing 101 Day 4] This free writing thing is taking me places I’d never thought I’d see again. Today it takes me to the art of writing and how it is taught at school. To the opinion of some that children shouldn’t spend so much on calligraphy writing as on typing. But they forget that writing is not just an art that is under appreciated as we grow up, it is also a learning strategy that is under valued in this digital world we live in. 

“Wie schrijft die blijft” is a Dutch saying that can be translated to “Who writes will be remembered” and the same goes for what is written. It will remembered, quicker and better than when typed. So who is to say that beauty and results can’t go in one hand? Just look at this writing dance assignment my son did in the first year of primary school. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tekening van schrijfdansoefening

It is especially true for gifted learners like my son, who has deep thoughts on the most complex issues but can’t seem to remember his home work, or what goes in which order when preparing for school in the morning. Including the evident tooth brushing, hair combing and bag packing. So I started a written school planner based on Bullet Journaling. I’ll let you know how that is working. Or doesn’t.

huiswerkplanner ingevuld

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xoxo – Irene

8 thoughts on “The lost art of writing

  1. The translation is so deep “who writes will be remembered” that touches my heart. I write in my journal pretty much every day. I recently finished one I started when I was in 12. Im turning 20 now and I just reflect on my childhood and remember little details, which is pretty cool!. Thank you for sharing this !! ❤

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