Thank you veggie much

plate of spagetti

In this household of meat loving men, it’s tough to maintain a diverse diet. My ultimate ambition is to at least eat fish twice a week and vegetarian once a week. My men accept it hesitantly, pulling me into discussions like these:

“What’s for dinner?”


As I am cutting up the vegetables, my eldest son is sneaking up behind me. He’s eyeing the cutting board, looking around the counter.

“Yeah, but what kind of food?”

“Healthy food.” More suspicious, he tries to solve the puzzle.

“Are we eating pasta?” The kid invented a recipe from the ingredients lying on the kitchen counter.


This is so tiresome. Every damn day. The same song. Is that English? It should, because since Frozen’s “Let it go” you should all be able to understand what this Dutch proverb means.

“With what meat?”

With the tip of my chef’s knife, I point at the package with vegetarian ground ‘beef’. I actually like vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. With a good sauce (hint: use wine) and the ground ‘beef’ from The Vegetarian Butcher it’s a good and tasty meal.

“That’s not meat.”

My husband enters the kitchen.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Really”? I think. “You too?”

“Spagetti Bolognese.”

My oldest son rolls it eyes at my husband, letting them rest on the package with the vegetarian ‘meat’.

“You mean FAKE spaghetti bolognese.”

He stands behind me know, his cheek against mine. Almost threatening he whispers: “As long as you don’t use fake cheese too.”

He breaks away, leaving me with my healthy and vegetarian ambitions in the kitchen.

Then my toddler bounces into to kitchen.

“Meat please?”

Fortunately, this one still uses the broad definition of meat being the main protein source of any meal. Including fish and any vegetarian version. I sigh.

“Later. Here, have some cheese. REAL cheese.” Yes, I did say that sarcastically.

Within seconds the other men are back in the kitchen.

Any other coping strategies for seducing meat lovers to a plant based meal are more then welcome.

xoxo – Irene

Day 7 of Writing 101 prompt: write a post based on the contrast between two things. The twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue. 

3 thoughts on “Thank you veggie much

  1. I’m going to be posting my vegetarian chili recipe soon – no one even realizes there’s no meat in it until they’re done eating and I spill the beans (ha!). Without a doubt, my family’s all time favorite … and we’re all carnivores!

  2. Hard.
    I am in the opposite situation: I’m a meat lover and he’s a vegetarian.
    But I’m the cook.
    Well, I mainly just cook my meat apart. If I do… I just realized that I’m becoming vegetarian-er.
    Raah, you guys will have us at the end.

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