Book preview: Genadeloos

Erik Bertrand Larssen

Dear Erik Bertrand Larssen,

Can I call you Erik? Or do you prefer Erik Betrand? I got a copy of your new book you just released in the Netherlands. In the top right corner you promote your book as the ultimate preparation on your Hell Week. I already read that book, Erik Bertrand, and I did that Hell Week too. Why should I read this book then? And I wonder, why did you release Hell Week first?

When I flipped through the pages (I always do that, it raises the suspension of what’s to come. Call me crazy.) it fell open onto page 29. You describe how you coached two athletes. How you admired their relentless dedication to their training. How you were stunned that they dismissed any indulgences that interfered with their goals. How they only concentrated on those things that contributed to what they wanted to achieve.

Priorities. The word jumps off the page, smacks me in my face. I have to tell you honestly, Erik Bertrand, the word annoys and intrigues me at the same time. Maybe it sounds obnoxious, but I feel those athletes have it easier than me, a struggling mediocre multi-tasking working mom. All they have to do is to focus on achieving the Olympic limit. But how do you cope with a bounty of different priorities?

I mean. What if you’re Dapfne Schipper, the new Dutch champion on the heptathlon who’s also a rare talent at sprinting. What do you choose? 100m or heptathlon? Or when you’re an football player (not the American type) and you have to unify club interests in getting the European and national title AND the interests of the nation team?

So I’m curious, Erik Bertrand, setting priorities is all nice and well, but what if you can’t set priorities. If I may be completely honest: I think I don’t want to. I may be average at everything, but I just couldn’t quit something to be better at one other thing. So it’s with much curiosity that I will read your book. Doing that Hell Week was doable for a week, but you trying to change my life… Well, talk about ambition there!

But then again, I don’t back away from an ambitious plan either.

Regards, Irene.

Day 15 of Writing 101 Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter.

I took the preview copy I received from Coeberg PR. They’ve asked me for a mention. Opinions are my own. If you want to read about my Hell Week, you can read my review and my experiences in Dutch

3 thoughts on “Book preview: Genadeloos

  1. I liked this letter post. You answered it well, and you addressed Erik with real thoughts, questions, and it seemed like a real letter. This is great.

  2. Hey Finkelstein! I especially liked the paragraph towards the end that begins “So I’m curious.” This one sounds the most honest and relatable (is that a word?).

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