Mind your language

Mind your language

It’s hard enough minding my language in front of my toddler. Him being in his copy cat phase and me being my foul mouthing self is a bad combination. Note to self: got to quit swearing. And now writing 101 has got me re-thinking the language I use on my blog too.

Not about my swearing, I think I keep this blog quite G-rated, right? Writing in English for this course has got me thinking in what language to write: English or Dutch. It was a dilemma when I started this blog and now it popped up again. Back then, I chose Dutch as I liked to improve my writing style first and thought it was best to do it in my native tongue. Moreover, I felt the Dutch blogosphere is so much smaller so it would be easier to make a difference. Apperently, that was me thinking too easy.

I have to be careful here. I had the pleasure of meeting and greeting the smart, positive and lovely bloggers like the girls from Glow Magazine, I enjoyed being featured on Dutch running blog Ren mama ren and I have been honored with a monthly guest blog post on the international community of Fitgirlcode. Sounds all peachy keen, right?

Still, I feel unsatisfied. I feel like I’m surrounded by bloggers being too focused on the number of their followers, the pr perks received by brands wanting to push their products through their blogs. Too many happy go lucky blogs re-chewing press releases as a review, too few opinions, too few unique writing voices.I know I’m being harsh. You might even consider me arrogant. I know you don’t have to be a good writer to be a successful blogger. But for me, good writing comes first.

I even dare to admit it makes me angry, seeing people piling up to follow a blog, just because 2 million other people do. It’s just numbers. The first 100, thousand even are an audience that have been attracted by the voice and topic of the blog. The ten thousands, hundred thousands and millions are mostly gained because they thought ‘if these thousands like it, I will like it’. And Google is just making it worse.

So yes. I am a qualtity over quantity kind-a-gal. That is why chose Dutch over English in the first place. Because I felt I was a better writer in my native language. But through Writing 101 I’ve received so many compliments and feedback on my attempts, I now feel more comfortable writing in English. What’s more, I connected with so many writers that have show a deeper thinking I was looking for and who take the time and effort to comment and give feedback on mine. That has made Writing 101 a truly grateful and rewarding experience.

But now I’m at a loss. In what language should I write? Or should I keep separate blogs for my Dutch and English writing? Share your opinion or your advice in a comment, it’s much appreciated!

xoxo – Irene

6 thoughts on “Mind your language

  1. First of all, I’m soooo glad that you chose to write in English at some point; otherwise, I wouldn’t have ever known what you were saying! Secondyl, I vote BOTH! Is that too much to do? Seems as if it might be stressful.

    1. Thank you Kwoted! Stressful I do all the time so it wouldn’t add that much stress to the already existing pile I guess LOL. I decided to give bilingual posting a try, but don’t expect longform writing from me then. I’m aiming for a minimum of 1 post in each language each week, how does that sound?

  2. Hmmm tough one. I started out in English, way back in ’04. But I recently changed to blogging in Dutch. I want to write my book(s) in Dutch cause I’m sure it’s easier to get published in Dutch, so I figured I need to start building up a Dutch fanbase. I do feel bad for all my American (& UK) friends, though…
    As I’m sure you are too… I guess I’d stick yo both, if I were you… 😉
    PS: my new blog (business) will be up very soon…

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