Recap of my 5 most popular writing 101 posts

writing101 recap

What is popular and what is to be proud of, can be two different things. I looked up my stats and checked which writing 101 prompts attracted the most readers. You can click on the title to read the original post. Happy reading!

1. Smell the coffee be mindful

I’m quite happy this is the most popular post. I wrote this one as an answer to the prompt called ‘Death to adverbs’. The assignment was to go to a public place and take in the scenery. As an extra twist, we were asked to described the scene without using adverbs. I cheated and went back in my mind to my favorite kid friendly coffee place in town. I liked doing a hot spot review in a different way. It showed the magic of the place better than a factual description, I think.

2. The unraveled sweater

This is one my favorites too. Using fiction as a way to write about a real live story is something I’d never come up with. So thank you, writing 101. I used this prompt to reflect on a Facebook hoax I deceived my friends with, dramatizing real live reactions of my friends to build the characters in the story. To top things off, I just realized the double meaning of ‘unraveled’. Wouldn’t be able to translate that into my native language. Chuffed!

3. Introduction to bullet journaling

I have been meaning to write that post in a while. I was dragging my feet because of the work it would involve taking pictures of my not so perfect note book, but I was actually happy the prompt made it easy for me get out there and just write it. It may not be a very creatively written post, but hey. It might be useful.

4. Three important songs when you’re 2 years old

As the class evolved, my posts got more serious. Not with this little post. I had a hard time with the prompt, as I felt it would make a boring list. And I had to push myself finding an angle fitting the topic of my blog. But I think I found it, writing in a style that feels naturally to me as well. So yay! I’m proud that others liked reading it  too.

5. Character study of a runner

Lately, I find it hard to write about the healthy and fitness angle of my blog. I used to be a regular runner and a “Here honey, I just made you a green smoothie for breakfast” healthy mom. But life got in the way and I haven’t been able to get back to it the way I want: less fanatic than I was, more disciplined than I am now. With this post I tried to voice the sadness I feel not being that person anymore. Still, I feel the post needs editing as I learned from comments that the twist wasn’t obvious to all readers. What do you think?

So there it is, a recap of what others found most interesting of my answers to the writing 101 prompts. What is the most popular post on your blog? Post a link to it in a comment and I’ll read it too!

xoxo – Irene

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