“Get cape. Wear cape. Fly.” – ain’t I already a Superhero?

This is why I nominated Red Hot Chili Mother for the free writing challenge. Love every word of it!

Red Hot Chili Mother

Wait a minit? Have I been lied at all my life already?

Okay okay, so if I had an alter-ego who is a Superhero “for real”, here is what she would do during her day:

1. Wake up and go swimming when the night is still upon her loved ones but she knows that the young day is coming. Every day. Everywhere.

Before, I would have said “running” but because of the weather in Singapore, the natural laziness of this particular Superhero (it’s an alter ego, eh), I expect that she’s better off having a daily swim the rooftop pool waters. Plus, did I mention that it’s like practicing flying – true story: gravity stuff and such. Follow me?

So she swims, then she goes back home and lovingly stares at her loved ones. Then she puts on music and starts dancing because it’s fun and it shakes away…

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