This is not a mom blog, or is it?

Hi, my name is Finkelstein and I am a mom. A mom of two. Two boys actually, my teen usually hides from pictures. I’m trying not to let that role define me too much. I want to be so much more: a fit girl, a healthy cook, a creative writer, a sexy wife, an adventurous traveler and a corporate it-girl. But of course it does – motherhood defines me, I mean. Having children does that to a person, I guess.

So I blog about everything my omnivorous mind can think about and my hands can get to. Which started with running, working out, activities with my kids and healthy food for families. The jury in my mind is still out on which I should focus my blog on best, as I’m trying to balance topics between the those of the most popular posts and the ones I’m most proud of.

Keeping in mind what my audience wants, however big or small it is, is important to me, because that is why I blog. I want to share my experiences with family life, inspiring others to a thought, a laugh or maybe even an action. Because everything that is shared, gets doubled.

What topics do you like to read about most? Share your thought and I’ll write a post on request! 

xoxo – Irene

6 thoughts on “This is not a mom blog, or is it?

  1. Hi, you commented on my blog which is how I came across your blog. To focus on what to blog about? Perhaps carry on doing what you’re doing already. I like lots of varied topics and your blog looks really interesting. Will definitely get around to reading more of it.

  2. It’s so motivational to see you define yourself more than a mom. I like how you give time to your passion. I’m impressed!

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