The story behind Finkelstein and Sons

I love food stores, delis in particular. I love their broad selection of foods, their exotic products you won’t find in the average supermarket and their artisan delicatessen behind the counter. You can find me wondering through the isles or salivating over the counter for hours if they’d let me. The fact that most delis are a family affair just adds to its attraction, it makes their business so much more likable.

With this image in my mind I started thinking about a blog name. As a mom of two boys, I wanted my blog name to relate to that role. With Finkelstein being my nickname, Finkelstein and Sons was easily found. I love how other bloggers call me Finkelstein, by my author name, instead of my real life first name. So even though the URL of my blog is relatively long and translates badly to a concise twitter handle, I’ve grown attached to it and won’t easily trade it for a more search engine friendly url or blog name.

Thinking up a catchy tag line is a totally different thing though. Striving to grow a sporty mom blog, it first said ‘Raising a fit and healthy family of boys‘, which I later altered to ‘Raising a happy and healthy family‘. Wonder what happened with fit? My fit routine having a set back is what happened. Watchagonnadoaboutit. Not too long ago, I decided to give room for my broad interests from a family perspective and changed it to ‘Family life is full of delikatessen‘. I’m not too sure of it still, as I think it might sound too much of a food blog than it is and will ever be. It will never be as brilliant’s as Marquessa’s ‘Life is a story. And I’ve got a pen.’ But hey. Watchagonnadoaboutit.

What do you think of my tag line? Do you have any suggestion that fits the topic of my blog better?

xoxo – Irene

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