Hello new neighbors!

If the blogosphere was a neigbourhood, I would be a commuter working far from home, arriving late, ordering take out online. You wouldn’t see me much in your local grocery store, or at school event of the kids. At work, I wouldn’t participate in after office drinks and skip the Christmas party. Gotta hurry home you see?

It’s the trouble of blogging in two languages, writing guest posts for #FITGIRLCODE and getting distracted by, uhm… Everything. I give myself a big high five if I just get it done to press publish once a week. Trying to connect is just, well, too much work. It’s like having to network at cocktail party where I absolutely know NOBODY. Brrr. Scary. That’s my excuse anyway. I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and only after taking the Blogging U.’s Writing 101 class I discovered the joy of what being part of the blogging community meant.
So this is me saying hi! Let me welcome and introduce 5 new bloggers I started following since Blogging 101.

The heinous housewife

I am moody, irritable, sleepy, exhausted and emotional. I am absolutely heinous. Duchess in the streets, Monster as soon as I hit the front door.

Well, you got me at I. The Inked Duchess from the Heinous housewife hits its home with her unique writing style. This is not your average mom blog and its one my instant favorites because of it.

Kids and moms

I love Indian food. I think it’s one of the best ways to serve vegetarian meals to kids (and carnivorous husbands alike). Kids and moms is a mysterious name for this Indian food blog but that doesn’t take away any of my curiousity for all the lovely recipes she will be sharing. This one for rice pudding, for instance.

That’s Life

It’s actually a comfort to not only see completely fresh bloggers participating in Blogging 101. That’s Life is an effort to revamp a blog started in 2007 and find the commitment on blogging regularly. Her post on women’s cycling in the UK got me thinking on how different the rest of the world think about cycling while here in the Netherlands is the first and foremost urban mode of transportation. I’m thinking to write a post about it, actually!

Blue Collar Dad

Blogging seems to be mostly a women’s affair. So I’m quick to follow any dad blog, especially as a mother of boys. Although Blue Collar Dad only published one post, his background is interesting and his writing style full of promise. I’m guessing he lives a completely different life from mine and I’ll probably will disagree with him most times. But it’s not through spending time with only like minds that you will grow, right?

Ordinary Adventures

Brey is blogging for little over a month now, but in a unbelievable way she attracted over a 1000 followers almost instantly! That is hands down amazing and I’m following her because I want to know her secret and because of this post on her first anniversary.

What blogs should I follow on top of these five? Share your blog link in a comment!

xoxo – Irene

6 thoughts on “Hello new neighbors!

  1. Oooh, how exciting to be mentioned in a fellow bloggers post – thank you. And how ironic that you’re from the Netherlands. I would love to cycle there, as far as I know it’s flat, as you say the prime mode of transport is a bike and there I would actually be able to ride a Pashley bike. Where I live you need a million gears to get up all the hills. (The Tour de France passed close by last year – they came here for the hills). Yes Irene do write a post on cycling culture in the Netherlands I would love to read it.
    Just to give you an idea of what cycling is like here in the UK (where we’re public enemy No 1, target practice for motorists) this blog post is a prime example of what it tends to be like sat on the saddle of a bike over here. It’s from an established blog that I follow and is always interesting and funny. http://awesomeausterity.com/dear-motorists-of-midlothian-a-rant/

    1. I’ve never been to the UK, but I do watch Top Gear UK on Netflix. they have had some funny things about cyclist and cycling in the past. I hope it’s not as bad as they make it out to be.

  2. helloo it’s me again just to comment that after consulting with online dictionary’s and Wikipedia ‘ironic’ is the wrong choice of word. Apparently it is an often mis-understood and incorrectly used word, and it would appear I’ve incorrectly used it. Coincidence would have been better.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I’m just getting started in this stuff. Between the kiddos, work, and my wife I don’t get much time to write. I’m am working on something for tomorrow based on the last assignment that asked for a post, but It takes a while to find the official articles and stuff I need to make sure that I am telling my readers the truth. And if we disagree, then we can have a “friendly argument.” lol

  4. I am so flattered! I fell in love with your Blog, and look forward to every post! I am so glad Blogging U has brought us together!!

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