The search for my true love blog theme

Finding the right style for your blog can be like finding your true love. It may be love at first sight, you might get to know each other better to understand its worth and sometime you need to experiment. A lot.  Let me tell you about my search for my true love blog theme.


When I started my blog almost two years ago, I chose the standard Adelle theme. It was just girly enough and pretty stylish. A year later, I upgraded my WordPress suite and I was able to change my blog with custom colors and fonts. Choosing fonts and colors can keep me up for hours and they have.

My ultimate vibe for my blog is magazine style, like a deli with a wide offer of topics. I want it to look clean, stylish and let any pictures I’ll share take  center stage. This year the sense grew that Adelle was to girly, too busy and too focused on timeline instead of featured content for my taste.

So after finishing Blogging U course Writing 101, I set up a private blog called Testing Finkelstein & Sons and imported my blog. I tried multiple themes on this test site and tinkered with pages, menus and widgets. It gave me a good idea what I was looking for in a new theme, what would fit my almost two years of content and it got me thinking about how I would (or should?) spice up my blogging game.


I turned to the fresh Gazette, a magazine style. First, I added the featured content header to highlight my favorite posts (or maybe a specific topic), but then I decided that the current featured images aren’tt pretty enough yet. It made my blog look busy and cluttered.
So today I changed my header with a fixed header image of my sons and me. It was fellow blogger Tony’s comment on this post that convinced me.
“You’re the star of your blog” – Tony Burgess
So I’ve put my sons and myself center stage. For anyone still thinking this is a Jewish food blog, my big ass portrait of Finkelstein and Sons will now take away any doubt left.
I’m pretty happy with how my blog looks now. Who cares if nobody sees it, I like it and that is what counts most. Next blogging year, I want to focus of making better pictures for my blog and show them off. I hope Gazette can deal with both my text posts and ones with pictures. My ambition is to write some more fiction, some longform writing and maybe even try my hand at some poetry. Andy Townend’s blog is my example, I think he chose a theme that fits his content perfectly.


But using a image focused template like Coherent is something I wouldn’t do that quickly. The content of my blog is on a 80/20 text to image ratio and the pictures aren’t that great in my opinion to show case them so boldly like that. I hope to achieve a 70/30 text to image post and improve my photography skills but then still a template like Coherent would be pretentious.


My point: there will always be a prettier theme. When discovering new blogs, I like to look at the theme they’ve used and how they’re have personalized it. The Carnard theme is still on my mind, with four (!!) different menus. I particularly like the header menu with its social links on top, instead of the footer where Gazette has placed them. But Canard’s home page template is too standard blog style for me to switch themes. I like the vertical columns in which the posts are published in Gazette way better. For now.
What’s your favorite theme? Inspire me! 
xoxo – Irene.

3 thoughts on “The search for my true love blog theme

  1. I think the magazine style really suits your blog. Lots to choose from and things to catch the readers eye. 🙂

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