In the dark

It’s quiet down here. 

Rumors of the world echo softly through the black space

Reach me as a whisper only to dissolve 

Into the dark of my mind. 

I move through space as a ghost 

Leaving this happy hologram of me 

On the bright outside for you to see.

I am in the dark

Hiding from the world, from you, from me. 

And this black virus absorbs me 

Wanting to turn away from it all

Wanting not only to be in it

But to be it 

To be darkness.

Don’t let me touch you

I will consume you too. 

11 thoughts on “In the dark

    1. I am ok, but I’m just not in my usually hyper happy vibe. It’s something I’m trying to get my head around. Is it worth blogging about? Or will it only make things worse? What are your thoughts?

  1. Oh dear, I just turned up at your blog for the first time and found you sounding terribly down about things. It’s a very good poem, by the way. It expresses your feelings very touchingly, but… eh… I hope everything is okay.

    1. I think I’ll take the compliment, but I guess I’m dramatic that way. You know, hysterically happy the one day and pitch black and depressed the other day. I am okay, no worries!

      1. Oh, that’s good. I was a bit unsure about commenting in case it came across the wrong way, but I was also a little worried. It genuinely was a good poem, though. You’re lucky. I enjoy reading poetry and fiction, but I’ve never been able to write them. I can just about manage a limerick if I concentrate.

      2. You should try one of the blogging U courses, I’m thinking of enrolling in Poetry 101! I participated in Writing 101 and it really helped. You’ll love connecting with the WP blogosphere as well.

      3. Actually, I’ve just been doing the Blogging 101 for the last couple of weeks, but things started to get a bit crazy at work halfway through so I had the enthusiasm but not the time. I did meet quite a lot of people in the first week and a half, though, which was nice. 🙂

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