Give me room to think!

I cannot help I am too big

For my mind is a mountain

The summit obscured by

Ever present

Drifting clouds of ignorance

Day 2 of Writing 201’s Poetry course: gift, acrostic, simile.
Rhyming is hard when your a non-native in English. So I stick with what I can do and practice in poetic form and device. Not too sure about the device though. Is ‘My mind is a mountain’ strong enough?

I chose to write about the hardship of being a gifted learner, something my eldest son has to deal with. So the title and the acrostic are in contradiction with another.

xoxo – Irene

7 thoughts on “Cursed

  1. Hie
    Your poem is what i would call short and sweet
    Even i am a non native in english, so i can relate to your problem of rhyming words
    Nonetheless even i have tried a hand in todays assignment
    I hope u will check and give ur reviews

  2. Hey Irene! For a non-native English speaker, your poem is smashing! Loved it 🙂 English is my second language too, and you know what – Google is my best friend – just type “words rhyming with…” 😀

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