Limericks of an imperfect life as a mom

Today’s assignment of Writing 201: poetry course had us write a poem about imperfection in the form of a limerick, using enjambement as a device.

After trying one verse with all item in it (I think), I just had fun with a few more. As a mom, imperfection goes around quite a few times!

xoxo – Irene


A washed out mom sat on the toilet

And had just put her toddler to his bed.

Thought she couldn’t take shit

As the fist of her baby boy hit

The door that is marked as private.

Running mom

With running shoes on she sat on the couch

Staring on her phone at her online vouch

To run a five miles

To quit – not her style

When she slowly started she knew she’d be aroused.

Working mom

The night before she put them on for show

The things she needed on the go

But baby’s morning poo

Made her forget what to do

Oh! To have your ducks in a row

Vegan Food Challenge

We’re eating vegan for a week, she said

Her family looked at her as if she was mad

Tofu stir fry on the floor

Husband shouted ‘No more!’

And ordered shoarma instead.

Date night 

Finally alone time for us two

There is no limit to what we can do

Go out and sleep in

Have sex to begin

If you stop talking about the kids, you fool!

16 thoughts on “Limericks of an imperfect life as a mom

  1. I love the limerick on “Working mom”, I think it’s awesome and was the closest to follow the aabba thingy….I forgot what they called it. But all the others were very witty and fun to read! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such funny, interesting poems. You are so good at this. I am actually writing my limerick now, and have been struggling a lot, so it’s great to see another blogger I know do so well, because now I feel more inspired.

    1. Happy to have inspired you! This time round, I wait with reading other bloggers’ poems and find inspiration by myself. But I agree it’s a great way to get unstuck.

  3. For some reasons, your posts don’t seem to be coming up in my reader anymore 😦

    And man, I struggled with one limerick… You captured the challenges of motherhood well in your series 🙂

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