The fortune seeker 

Shoulder to shoulder packed on a boat

Fate left in hands of predators

Will it drown or will it float?

Firm believe you are a settler

Of European’s golden shore

Scene for your home, a job and food!

Unrelenting you confess

To hoping for better, to wanting more

To shedding surroundings so crude

That keep from your pursuit of happiness

Day 5 of Writing 201: map, ode, metaphor

It’s not only IS or war that leave refugees and fortune seekers in a dire situation, life savings handed over to smugglers, traveling in cooled trucks, gambling their life for a change for better. It’s the system of the West, leaving them no other choice. If you can pay a smuggler, you could easily afford a low cost airline ticket for your family.

But what got me wondering in the whole discussion is the dismay for the fortune seekers, who get on rafts, who hide in trucks in search for a better life. Aren’t we all fortune seekers? Aren’t we all in pursuit of happiness? I know Europe is too crowded to harbour them all, in reality not what they whish for. But that doesn’t make them deserving of our contempt.

So just to put my humble opinion on the subject, I wrote an ode to the fortune seeker and his unrelenting will to make better. I used the Horation ode rhyme scheme of ABABCDECDE and put a few metaphors in it.

Can’t really say if it’s any good, so I need your help! Will you tell me in a comment? 

Oh, and if you want to read more on how the subject got me puzzled, you may like these posts: 

xoxo – Irene

7 thoughts on “The fortune seeker 

  1. Hi Irene, I can’t really say if it’s any good in light of my lack of knowledge on the format your chose.
    However, content wise, I liked it very much.
    This has been a controversial subject in Europe, with pros and cons being voiced, while lives perish before reaching European shores.
    Your voice added humanity to a very badly handled crisis.

      1. It’s true. I have written about it in the beginning of the mess, and have been watching the news with attention to very distraught people, reacting so aggressively in Purmerend and eastern holland.
        It’s a very difficult subject. I found the reactions inhumane and primitive.

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