The Writing 201 poets I envy

A week of writing poetry with Writing 201: Poetry went by quicker than I thought and I am so amazed by this course! First of all, just as Ben Huberman said in his post ‘Weekend Potluck’, I am green with envy reading so many beautiful and evoking poems. And second I am quite surprised with what I manage to come up with, considering the few time I have for writing and even fewer experience I have with writing poetry.

So today I want to share my favorite poems with you, especially those poems from other Writing 201: Poetry bloggers.

My favorite haiku: Electronic Life

I liked this haiku from Chasing Life and Finding Dreams for its strong alliteration in line 2:

Gadgets fill our lives.

Silly screens sucking our souls.

Can we put them down?

My favorite acrostic: Caught

This short poem by beespeak is full of mystery and the simile in line 4 is so strong I can almost taste it!

Gift of surprise
Intentional lies
False story told
Truth tastes like mold

There’s another poem though, that touched my heart. Go over to Jules of Opposite Minds and read her poem ‘A gift taken.

My favorite prose poem by Hakkanotogame

The first line punches you in the face. I love how Alexander combines internal rhyme with strong alliterations, the powerful rhythm of the verse.

Magazines lie like dictators cries, beauty brands try to sell fake style.

My favorite limerick: Thee not the

I love limericks and their black humor. In this limerick I like how Hayley from Dear Dad used her sharp eye (or should I say: ear) to highlight a weird custom when ordering in a restaurant.

why, when ordering food the word ‘the’ becomes thee.

‘I’ll have thee… boneless chicken thighs, please

I can hear myself saying it too. Busted!

My favorite ode: Ode to Lis

This ode is a mega metaphor and it drags you right to the cobbled streets of the town 77lucidays is taking you.

O Lis-bon-fire of my soul, you always keep your promises

and never disappoint, nor let your suitors leave without

the secret, but authentic wish to return and love you more.

I am looking forward to week 2 of this course and how green with envy the other bloggers will make me!

xoxo – Irene.

6 thoughts on “The Writing 201 poets I envy

  1. Hi Irene, thank you so much for mentioning me 🙂

    (I like the others you picked too).

    I’ve enjoyed reading your work this week as well; a small insight into the hard work, humour and most importantly love that you have with your family.

    Looking forward to more.


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