Happily ever after

Gone are the days of a spontaneous love making lasting for hours on

Breaking away from the duties of work and such

Long lost the time when a French kiss would take a full cycle of sun

Freed from desire to be one, vigorating rush

Heart beat no longer that jumps to the look of your tempting eye,

Body arousing and blood rushing longing caresses

Goodbye to falling in love, that first phase of insanity, craziness

Licking off salt of your sweaty skin, tasting your horniness

Gone are the days of a spontaneous love making lasting for hours on

Sleepless nights now welcome marriage and family


Day 8 of Writing 201: poetry has me writing an elegy on flavor, using enumeration as a device. As I used to study Latin in high school, I tried my hand at poem inspired by Latin erotic elegies. I only found out today that Catullus 5, one of my favorite poems is a erotic elegy too! But I got to tell you, putting together couplets of dactylic hexameters and pentameters that actually make sense is a tough job. I grew dizzy scanting my verses and counting the dactyls, trying to find the stresses.

I wanted to write about that first phase of being crazy in love, when your body’s in overdrive, longing obsessively for the object of your affection, in a constant state of horniness, wanting to savor it all. The thing I can remember from that phase is the taste of sweat, the salt tingling on my tongue.

I really have no idea if this poems is any good. Now it just feels i put words together fitting the meter. O well. Give me an A for effort, will you? It’ll put some light to this day of struggling.

xoxo – Irene

3 thoughts on “Happily ever after

  1. Oh, you get a gold star for effort. I’m not very good at sticking to meter, so colour me impressed. I think you captured the first blush of love well, anyway 🙂

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