If I hat

If you want to be hipster cool, momma will knit you a hat

If early mornings on your bike are to cold, momma will knit you a hat

If you want dress up like an elf, momma will knit you a hat


If I had to pick the best season it shall be winter

If I had to pick the most loving craft it shall be knitting

If I had to pick the most needed item in winter

It would be a hat.


Don’t mind your cold hands

I will hold them and keep them warm

And if you are cold still

I will hold you close.


Day 9 of Writing 201 Poetry: Cold; Concrete Poem; Anastrophe/Epistrophe

Some day’s of this blogging course are a blast and some a burden. Yesterday was pretty daunting when I forced myself using dactyl hexameters and pentameters. Today’s assignment would be perfect in free verse and it took me minutes to come up with a use of today’s devices.

Creating a visual poem was more difficult, I tried some digital tools but it didn’t work for me. I ended up using a tool by Robotype, where you can make an illustration with letters. The illustration isn’t a poem in itself but I definitely give visual poetry another try! Probably with my kids, it will be a fun activity.

xoxo – Irene.

Let me know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “If I hat

  1. a hat…nice picture, and I love the way your mom could make all the hats 🙂

    Good piece indeed. I felt it would have been good to end the last stanza with hat too just to keep the poem flowing…just my preference 🙂

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