Mccall's M7047 lining lay out

The Age of Adaline dress project – progress report

I hate lining. It slips, it rips, it frays. Last Sunday I finished most of my Adaline dress, the velvet part of it. I even started with the ribbon embellishment around the waist. In the evening, I even had my lining parts ready, only to be sewn into the dress. Finish that and the hemming too, and my Age of Adaline dress would be done! Monday afternoon could be used for the finishing of the embellishment.

Age of Adeline velvet dress bodice
Alterations and embellishment of the Mccall’s M7047 dress bodice.
Boy, was I wrong. I was wrong to desperately wanting to finish before deadline. I was wrong the steps left doing were easy. So I ended up doing complex steps of the project tired and frustrated. And doing them wrong. I got so confused of what was the good side of the lining and what I could or couldn’t  sew before flipping the lining over. So I had to rip some of the seams out. And that’s where I ruined my lining. And the lining almost ruined me.

Mccall's M7047 long dress with train and sleeves
All the pattern parts of the Mccall’s M7047 put together.
So. I guess you know by now that I missed my deadline. And wore a dress on my proposal anniversary night that I have had for years. I was so stupidly focused on meeting my deadline for the Adaline dress that I even forgot to wear my new bought jewelry. But as these things go: our night wasn’t ruined because of it. At all. The Love of my life loved me in the silk dusty rose sheath dress I wore. With him in his dress shirt and dark blue chinos, we were already overdressed compared to the other people in the restaurant. And in our superior hotel room with king size bed and majestic views over the river, there was no need to be dolled up anyway.

On my birthday in May, we will be going to the opera at the Vienna State opera. Surely my Adaline dress will be finished by then, right?


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