Lego Snow Troopers Surveillance

The original author of US Marines ambushed and defeated by Norwegian kids

Usually, the blogosphere is a friendly place where bloggers share each other’s work with transparent ping backs and duly credited photos (got to love Creative Commons as I’m a lazy and mediocre photographer).

I came across this wonderful story called ‘US Marines ambushed and defeated by Norwegian kids’ through Hwaaifan’s Blog that has been circling around the Internet for over 2 years now. Sad thing is, the original author shared this story as a comment on Reddit. The story source was cited as a link behind  the word ‘this’ – as in “I had to reblog this article” without naming the author. Various ‘news’ sites copied the article without fixing the omission, and from there it was a snowball rolling down the hill, ending up as an almost anonymous internet tale.

If you come across this story, please know that Reddit user 1nf1del is the original author. And his original post can be found here:

And please, if you’re a blogger and want to share other blogger’s work: ping back to the original source AND name the original author. Sharing is caring, so be careful doing it. You’ll be loved more for it.

Hail 1nf1del! And happy blogging!

Xoxo – Irene


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