Prince is dead, long live Prince

It was such an awkward moment, don’t you agree? We were watching the national most popular talk show, when just half a minute into the introduction the host learned through his ear piece that Prince, aka The Artist Formally Known As Prince, aka TAFKAP, aka The Artist, aka The Sign, aka Prince, had died. And host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk didn’t know what to say. And ruined his show.

It got even worse when some twenty something musician was asked about his favorite Prince song. The guy had to confess he didn’t know his music. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

That reminded me of something important. I have to educate my kids in old school music. When Michael Jackson died and radios replayed his songs, Junior turned into a fresh fan. Luckily for us, MJ had a apt business sense. And you can find all of his albums on Spotify. So we played and replayed his songs, with Billy Jean and Smooth Criminal as Junior’s favorite. Mines are Man in the Mirror and She’s out of my Life, if you want to know.

Prince on the other hand, was a true artist who didn’t want to sell his musical soul to the online industry. That’s all nice and sweet, but how am I going to educate my kids now? His cds I listened to were my boyfriends, or the mix tapes that had his songs can’t be played anymore since I got rid of that old tape recorder. Got any ideas?

Anyway. If we were having coffee, I would ask you what your favorite Prince songs are. Because I can’t choose. Now, I really hate that I don’t have the Diamond and Pearls album anymore that I used to have, and can listen to the songs I liked that weren’t made a single. Same goes for the Purple Rain album, which basically was the musical score for the time with my first boyfriend.

Oh, you will have me choose? Really? Okay. Here it is.

O wait. Maybe Let’s Go Crazy. Or maybe I Would Die For You. Or I Wanna Be Your Lover. Or….I can go on an on. It’s that magical music that has great artist cover him so happily. It’s that insanely unique voice with that distinct falsetto.

And after exchanging and singing Prince songs together, I would ask you who could be the Prince of the next generation. Let me sit back and take a sip of my coffee, because I don’t have a clue.

So tell me, what is your favorite Prince song? And who will be the next generation’s Prince? 

xoxo – Irene

9 thoughts on “Prince is dead, long live Prince

  1. Such sad news to wake up to on Friday (for me here in Bali). I was checking my phone after my alarm went off and I thought I was still dreaming 😦 It’s only April and we have already lost so many wonderfully talented people…
    I would have to say that my favorite Prince song has to be Kiss. Just because it’s one of those songs that always picks me up when I’m feeling down and I just can’t help shaking a little booty (no matter where I am).
    I thought that you could still find Prince’s albums on iTunes (to purchase it)? Perhaps if you go to the music store they might still have his albums on CD!

  2. I don’t know what my favorite Prince song is either, but I do know that Purple Rain has been on a constant loop in my brain for almost three days now, and I hadn’t thought about it in years. 😪

  3. Such a shame with Prince passing, he was a great musician for sure. I think my fav’s are Purple Rain (who doesn’t love that tune?) and When doves cry.

  4. My favourite is Damn U! I actually used it as my first dance (at my first wedding… no comment)

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