Do you know what it feels like when your dreams come true? It actually feels weird. Surreal. Like it can’t be true. Like someone is standing around the corner to jump out at you screaming ‘Fooled ya!’ Like I’m not good enough to having my dreams come true.

But they are. My dreams are coming true. Those Pinterest boards with highly stylish midcentury modern Californian Eichler homes are actually useful now, because…..


Our diamond in the rough
1960s living room with fire place
For Dutch standards, this living room is huge!
1960s study wood paneled ceiling
Dated… Or would you call it retro stylish?
1960s kitchen
Even the fridge is from the 60s.

I KNOW!!!! IT’S BRILLIANT!!!!!! It’s been a nerve wrecking week, bidding on the house and praying we would get it. But we got it! WE GOT IT!

This 2300 square ft bungalow on a 10.000 square ft. plot to Dutch urban standards, is HUGE and a absolute rarity. A major renovation is to be made, especially since we have the ambition to make this house energy neutral. We’ll be having our own version of Grand Designs, is what I’m dreaming right now. ISN’T IT AMAZING?!!!


Excuse the caps lock, it’s just that I AM SO STOKED! So now I have to get my nose out of Pinterest and start arranging financial stuff, finding a contractor, possibly an interior designer and planning, lots of planning. And budgeting. Ugh.

Weekend Champagne Share

But hey. IT’S FRIDAY! I’ll have another glass of champagne to celebrate – again and look for kitchen inspiration on Pinterest. If you want to, you can follow my dreams and ideas for my Project Dream House.

xoxo -Irene

I wrote this post to a recurring prompt by Part-time Monster called Weekend Coffee Share. Each weekend, bloggers publish posts about what they’d say to their readers if they were sitting down together over a cup of coffee. Usually it involves writing a post beginning with ‘If we were having coffee…’ but this week I’m too stoked to do so! 



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