House M.D.

No, not as in Medical Doctor like the tv hit show. As in House Major Drama. 

It’s been a while since my last post as I am devoured by this dream house buying thing. If you think that the hard part is closing the deal with the sellers of a 70s house, think again. Last two weeks have been nerve wrecking because of the building inspection and the report followed by it. 

We knew it was house that needed some major TLC since its ninety-year old inhabitant hadn’t done much maintenance to it. Apart from some remodeling we’d already taken into account that the many windows need replacing and that the roof, the walls and the floor need insulating. But to our horror, there’s more.

The building inspector found asbestos in the cellar. The A-word in construction is equal to the K-word in the normal world: panic, angst and hysterical panic. Plumbers won’t touch it and you’ll need a special hazmat like squad to come in, quarantine your house and proficiently (read: costly) remove the asbestos. 

Wait. There’s more. The iron sewer pipes outlived its expected life time and had plenty of rust to prove it. But the costs of replacing the sewer in this large home is nothing compared to the risks that  the inspector detected in the roof.

No, the roof isn’t on fire, but worst-case scenario we might need to make that mother burn. The building inspector found leakage near the skylight windows. So he advised detailed inspection to find out whether the roof is moulding and rotting from the inside. If that were so, the entire roof is to be replaced…

It’s just like House M.D, where multiple tests rule out the innocent viruses and lead to this rare, deadly decease. But that’s just me being dramatic. 

We’re still waiting on the sellers to react to our proposal of doing the detailed inspection and renegotiating. In the meantime, I can hardly get my mind to do anything but Pinteresting my nerves down with what we would do with the house if we had an infinite budget. 

So forgive my scarce blogging. And my maniacal pinning if you happen to follow me on Pinterest. 

We’re still hanging in there, hopeful we’ll be able to cure this patient. I mean, close this deal. Who’s hanging with me? 

xoxo – Irene

2 thoughts on “House M.D.

  1. O-M-G! Good luck with all of that! I can’t imagine your anxiety. Hopefully the sellers will compromise a little!

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