Ready to remodel

Hey you guys! It’s not in my blogging nature to apologize for blogging absence, because I think all bloggers go through such a period at least once in their blogging career and we all can relate. And for me, I’m always happy, not resentful, to see a blogger return in my reader list after having missed him or her for a while. So, sorry not sorry! I’m just very happy with pushing myself to write a blog again. I hope you are too.

Still, I think I owe you an explanation for my absence. It’s not so that I have been offline for this time. Not at all! To be honest, I have been online almost 24/7. I have been Google searching and Pinterest pinning my ass off for our remodeling project of our dream house. And that is less fun than it sounds.

Insulation, not decoration

Our future home is a bungalow built in the 1970s. That means a massive roof, an equal massive foot print and lots of walls, of which two are made of floor-to-ceiling glass. All of this has been isolated to 1970s standards: NONE WHAT SO EVER. Basically that means that every euro we put in heating the house, at least 50 cents will literally evaporate into thin air. Our first priority in our remodel is to add the best insulation possible, to keep our heating and our money in.

The decoration pins you may have seen on my Pinterest boards had to be put on the ‘maybe-someday’ back shelf, because saving money through isolation doesn’t come cheap. So after having renewed and isolated the roof, replaced all the windows and glass sliding doors, added isolation to walls and floors we will be more than half way through our budget.

Having spent so much time looking into isolation materials and choices for the windows, I can now see the beauty of our new windows. It may not seem special to you, but to me, our black aluminium windows will be a work of art.

black aluminium windows
Photo: Belisol – Like that. 

Haggling as a hassle

In normal situations, I quite like a little negotiating, or haggling if you will. But having to haggle on anything we spent money on is an exhausting excercise. I know it’s necessary and well worth it. But finding suitable suppliers, briefing them to get a good quotation, waiting for quotations, negotiating about their quotations takes time. Lots of time. And equal energy. Especially if you are haggling down the price and than haggling in add-ons for the same price. Fortunately, the Love of my Life is an absolute star at haggling negotiating so I get to tag along.

Choices, choices, choices

Because we want to get this huge remodeling project done in 8 weeks, we wanted to have made as many design choices as possible before the start of the project in September. But there are just so much choices to be made! And of course real life imitates reality tv. So TLOML and I only mutually like the very expensive stuff. It basically boils down to the masculine clean and modern that TLOML likes versus the feminine modern boho that I like. Ugh. How cliche.

Unleashing my inner Joanna Gaines

Shiplab t-shirts
#Shiplab – Fixer upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines have totally chained my way of talking, ya’ll

We did manage to decide on our kitchen though, yay! We will be removing that wall separating the kitchen from the living area, creating that open concept living. At the far end, a huge wall with oak veneer cabinets will keep the ovens with an American style fridge beside them. In the middle of the kitchen a enormous matt black island with granite countertop will hold the sink, dishwasher and induction range. A cross from the sink, we’ve added a small breakfast bar. Yes, Property Brothers, we have been listening to you! I think I’ve unleashed my inner Joanna Gaines – I can’t believe how I’ve learned al this interior decorating lingo I’ve picked up in this short amount of time, LOL.

Let loose

So most of the preparation is done and I think we are RRRRREADY TOOOOO RREEEMODEL!!!! But before we let loose, it’s time to let go of the adrenaline. The next few weeks we will be summer breaking from it all in the uber cool Norway. Maybe I will bring my laptop, maybe I will blog, but then again….maybe not. We shall see!

Wishing you the best of summers,
Xoxo – Irene.

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