vloer voor slaapkamer op het noordoosten

Picking a color for a north-east facing bedroom

Even a bedroom without direct light can handle some color. Here’s my way how.

Our master bedroom to be is located at the northeast side of our fixerupper. Fortunately, with 2 medium sized windows that let in morning light and even some summer evening light. How to decorate this room that – according to the paint masters of Farrow & Ball – need yellow based neutrals on the one (northern) hand, and cool colors on the other (eastern) one?

Kleur voor kamer op het noorden of noordoosten
Warm neutrals for a northeast facing bedroom
Here’s our pick

  • Floor: green linoleum Forbo Walton Cirrus Rosemary Green
  • Wall: Flexa Couleur Locale Relaxed dawn
  • Wall: Flexa Couleur Locale Relaxed desert
  • Wall Voca Curious behang 
  • Woodtrim: Flexa Couleur Locale Relaxed Roots

Flexa Couleur Locale – Australia


Spending hours or even days finding the right color combo can send me of into a nervous breakdown. So the ready-to paint matching color ranges by Flexa Couleur Locale are a real help! Ton-sur-ton, as we call matching color around here, renders a harmonious and balanced look, even when using a deeper color. Which is great when The Love Of My Life is looking for a calming and relaxed room, and me wanting a cosy and luxurious vibe. Five color ranges each consisting of 6 colors makes picking color a lot easier.

  • Argentina (red/pumpkin/coral/rose white)
  • Australia (brown/beige/cream)
  • Finland (grey/blue/white)
  • Ireland (green)
  • Thailand (gold/ochre/yellow)
Warm naturel Flexa verf voor kamer op het noorden
From left to right: Relaxed Light, Relaxed Dawn; Relaxed Mist, Relaxed Breeze, Relaxed Desert, Relaxed Stone en Relaxed Roots

Oh no she didn’t.vloer voor slaapkamer op het noordoosten

O yes, I did. No flowing hardwoord floors, no sir. Beause of our floor heating that is to be installed, we chose linoleum for the bedroom floors. Green linoleum, to complement the greenblue morning light.

And, does it work?

To be honest, I don’t know! The walls have been drywalled, but the floor heating system is yet to be installed. The moment of thruth is yet to come, but I of course I will share the In Real Life pictures (without Photoshop, I promise).

How would you decorate a northeast facing bedroom? 

xoxo – Irene.




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