If we were having coffee – remodeling rant continued and accepting my imperfections

If we were having coffee, I would tell you we had a really rough week with our remodel.

It’s not that the roof is on fire. Nope. In contrary, the roof is soaking wet. So soaking wet in fact, that our fresh drywalled ceiling and walls are molding. You heard right. No crown moulding, but the blue speckled type.

We should have had really cool solar panels by Wednesday, but the solar panel guy refused to install them because the roof was in such a bad shape. “Did you do the roof yourself?” he asked The Love of My Life when he inspected the roof. A tough discussion with our contractor followed. This set back not only brings up the question who is paying for the added costs for repairing the roof (answer: the contractor), whether we still trust in the outcome (hope is the better word) and if we still meet our planning (nope).

It’s not that we didn’t anticipate difficulties with this major overhaul of a remodel. It just sucks big time that we actually have to face them.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how hard it is to stay connected with teens. So this week, when Junior came home from his dad, I really wanted to spend some time and talk with him. Remodeling eats up all of my energy and attention and I feel like a really mediocre parent, spouse and co-worker at best. I explained to him that it’s hard on me spending so much time at/with the house and so little with them. And that though I’m sorry for it, it’s something we have to go through. Being the most understanding and forgiving kid that he is, of course he didn’t mind. It felt good to share my feelings with him though.

If we were having coffee, I’d confess I still don’t know my latest  Les Mills choreographies by heart. And that I had to instruct the newest BodyBalance lesson, when I actually couldn’t. So I told my participants upfront I would do half of the lesson with the new choreography, and half with the old one. And you know what? They didn’t mind. And even better: I didn’t feel guilty about it! Being imperfect never felt this okay.

So. Enough about me already. Let’s talk about you! How was your weekend? And do you have tricks to share for surviving a remodeling and living with your imperfections?

Xoxo – Irene

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