Choosing an accent wall for the dining room

South-facing dining room colors
Before: orange brick wall
Before: orange brick wall – kitchen side
Before: orange brick wall
Before: orange brick wall – dining room side

When we first walked in the house, our immediate thought was ‘that wall has to be dry-walled and painted white.’ But now I’m thinking of turning it into a colourful accent wall.

The space is just so big. And so well-lit. And I, although Pinterest forces me to, am not a white wall person. This drama queen is in desperate need of a daredevil design choice. With our design table (by Fritz Hansen), chairs (by Eames/Vitra) and pendant light (Kartell) I’d like some contrast.

So that former orange brick wall that has been drywalled with sleek and minimalistic plaster has to go. And our lookalike hard stone ceramic tile can use some cozy addition too.

So here are my thoughts:

indigo denim behang
BN Wallcoverings Denim 17581 – indigo
Voca Denim behang 17580
BN Wallcoverings Denim 17580 – stonewashed
indigo blauw leer behang
BN Wallcoverings Curious 17928
Smaragd groen leer behang
BN Wallcoverings Curious 17935


Perzisch tapijt behang
dding an accent wall in caps lock with this oriental rug style wallpaper from the Essentials collection by BN wall coverings.

I picked all items from BN Wallcoverings, because they don’t break the bank and still have that up-market texture and 3d prints. The items from the Denim and Essentials collection are 35 euros, the items from Curious collection 45 euros. Not too shabby, eh?

On the floor I’m thinking about adding a sisal or burlap rug. Altough. I like the look of it. But not the touch. And all those crumbs disappearing into the rug, is that a good or a bad thing? Maybe an indoor/outdoor rug that is easy to move the chairs on and use the vacuum cleaner on might be an alternative.

But then again, the most important question is: Will TLOML (The Love Of My Life) veto this?

Help me out here, which option do you like best? And how would you argue your choice to your partner?

xoxo – Irene.


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