If we were having coffee – beautiful but unsatifying

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that our new window is beautiful but unsatisfying. 

After: beautiful and unsatisfactory window
Before: ugly but satisfying

Apparently, my right side can be a different right if the window guy writes its down. To be short: the sliding door in our ginormous and superduper expensive ceiling-to-floor window has been placed on the wrong side. So next week, we’ll be discussing who’s responsible for this error, how to fix it and who will be paying for it. That will be interesting. 

On the parenting side, I’m not doing much better as my gifted Junior is avoiding homework and applying himself to school. While we’re at work he spends 10 minutes tops at his homework and 2 hours watching videos on YouTube. And I am so stupid to believe him if he answers my question if he finished his homework with a sullen yes. His teachers think he lacks motivation or is afraid of failure. I just don’t know how to help him, as I just don’t believe the firm hand and checking his homework will help him get motivated. And I do believe he needs to be internally motivated to learn. But now, I think I’ll have to go against my gut and check his homework. 

My new hobby!
A clean slate

Fortunately, TLOML and I worked on the garden today. And we ripped the overgrown ivy from the shady part of the garden. Now we can see how big that part garden is! That felt good! I can now begin and think about how to landscape this part – on a budget of course. 

How about your week? Maybe your good week will rub off on me. I can use it for next week! 

Xoxo – Irene 

2 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – beautiful but unsatifying

  1. My monsters had a similar issue last year. We cracked down hard, insisting that such activities as video games and swimming at the Y required at least a C in all classes. (Our kids are cyber schooled, and their grades are updated real time.) It caused some tantrums and sullenness, but the kids pulled their grades right up.

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