Yes, you. I’m talking to you. I know you’re reading this although you claim to dislike social media and stuff. You’re so obsessively secretive about your private life but you love peeking into others’ life, don’t you? And you especially can’t stop messing with ours.

I want you to know this. It’s you. It’s all you. It’s all in your twisted head in your lonely world. You are so desperate for love and attention that you destroy anyone – ANYONE – to get it. You are sick. 

And everything you tell yourself that you are, you’re not. You, you are not a loving person. A loving person would listen. A loving person would open his heart. But the only thing you are capable of is frantically shouting out your false prophecies, indifferent to what others have to say.

It’s because you’re too scared what might happen if we had a real conversation, isn’t it? Because if you were to listen to us, your petty little universe you created would come crumbling down. So you go and stab us in the back, because you’re too scared to meet us eye-to-eye.

On top of the despicable things you do, you’re doing them for the wrong reasons. You may tell yourself it’s out of love for others. It’s not. You may tell yourself it’s for the sake of others. It’s not. It’s about you. It’s all about you and your and destructive need to be the center of his love. You show us you would do anything to get it, positive or negative. And you even think in your twisted mind that you and I are competitors. 

I am telling you now: we are no competitors. He has to deal with you. And he chose me. So deal with that. The other loves him more than you, so deal with that too. Nothing you can think of, can tear us apart. 

We’ll deal with the false accusations you’ve thrown at us. We’ll deal with anything your sick little mind comes up with next. For your own sake, I’m telling you now:


You cannot destroy the indestructible. It might destroy you. 

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