Once you go black

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you black is an easy color to get sucked into.

Black is my husband’s favorite color. I always tell him black actually isn’t a color, but that  doesn’t bother him at all. He is very Henry Ford about his car, his shoes, his coat, his… well anything. He even has a Pinterest board called ‘Beautiful Black‘.

I didn’t particularly like black, but it is the better than the other non-color also known as Without A Soul White. So it grew on me. And it is the first thing we agree on when picking stuff for the house.So we chose a black kitchen island, and almost black window frames.

Beautiful Black: black aluminium walls
Living Room after
Beautiful Black: black tile floor from Kronos Ceramiche Green Gate Namur
A black ceramic tile floor to be unveiled

And this week, our contractor started on our blackish hardstone tile floor and installed the black plugs and light switches.

Beautiful black: black plugs and switches from Gira E2 antracite
I’m switching to black

It’s true. Once you go black, you never go back. I LOVE black.

I’m getting addicted to dark and moody colors. Remember that I was deciding on accent wall for the     dining room? My intuitive choice was the reddish Oriental Rug wallpaper. I love warm colors. But the husband hates red. So I picked the forest green leather print wallpaper instead. But as those things goes, analysis paralysis hit me. And with going over budget with almost everything, I started thinking about a cheaper option for finishing the accent wall. Yup. It’s paint.

So this week, with a 40% discount (got to love those weekly offers!) I bought paint with a velvet finish. Yes I know! A velvet wall! Consider it methadon for this green velvet sofa junkie. Which the husband would never condone. Too trendy. Too ugly. Too high maintenance. Too easily ruined. And of course he would be right.

Anyhoo. I picked this deep green base color, with a slighter more olive in a velvet finish. My heart jumped with joy with the lady at the hardware store opened the lid of my freshly mixed paint! I can’t wait to slap those babies on the wall and show you our moody restaurant style dining room.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it has been a black and dark week. With a good ending.

Xoxo – Irene

2 thoughts on “Once you go black

  1. I am following your very own Extreme Home Make-over and love your posts about it. Can’t wait for the “Busdriver, move that bus!” one where you gave a peek at the end result. Thank you for sharing andere inspiring!

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