Gratitude – 3 months in remodeling

I am grateful the husband never mentioned we had to spend close to 3000 euros on demolition dumpsters.

I am grateful we discovered the roof already had been insulated and we are now up to code for the next 10 years at least.

I am grateful that our smoking and functioning alcoholic Serbians are staying at the house, doubling as burglar prevention.

I am very grateful the same Serbians are working around the clock to get the job done.

I am grateful the husband is relentless about getting what we want, picking fights with whoever gets in our way.

I am grateful the husband agreed on installing a state of the art ventilation system, even though he didn’t get the importance of it.

I am grateful the husband insisting on other state of the art stuff, like our 4500 kWh solar panels.

But it’s funny how the little things can be so important. After having done the big things in little time, I am very grateful I now can start decorating the place! And it’s crazy how some paint can transform a place.

Xoxo – Irene 

3 thoughts on “Gratitude – 3 months in remodeling

  1. I feel your reno pain. After 8 months of ridiculous issues with insurance company contractor, the after flood renos are 99% done. Yaaasss!👍💕

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