Where’s your head at?


‘Did you fall?’

I look up to see my husband leaning over me. The bathroom floor feels cold, even though I am lying on a bath mat.

‘No.’ My words come out hesitantly. I decided to sit down and relax for a bit, right? My husband looks at the sink. Bye, bye, Christmas dinner. As he sets to the ungrateful task of cleaning my mess up, I move my hand to my head. Ouch. I feel a deep ridge, about 2 inches long. My hand moves within my eyesight. Blood on my fingers. I guess I had fallen.

‘Maybe I did fall.’ Simultaneously, he looks at his hand he held me with. Blood. Then, things get into Saving the Princess Mode. He kneels beside me to feel my head. His eyes widen as he registers the length and the depth of the dent in my head. It perfectly matches the electrical heater standing next to the bathtub. He presses a towel to my head.

Next step of rescue mission: setting up the kids. He hurries to Junior’s bedroom. I hear their voices softly. The floor feels comfortable cold. I decided tot sit down and relax for a bit, right? Where’s your head at? I ask myself. My husband seems to have put Junior in charge of looking after Mini and now ushers me to get dressed. ‘Get into the car.’ The Saving The Princess Mode requires a very decisive tone of voice. ‘We’re going to the hospital.’


One hour later, I’m back home. With five stitches in my head, blue stitch tread extensions and a concussion richer.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

xoxo – Irene.

This post was inspired by Basement Jaxx and by the music inspired posts of Simply Marquessa

5 thoughts on “Where’s your head at?

    1. Did you have a good vacation? I’m on extended leave, as the healing process of my concussion takes longer than I hoped. Sucks. Resting doesn’t come easy so this is a good exercise for me!

      1. Yeah, it was good. Hawaii is a great location. Resting is not easy for a busy person like you but it’s necessary…take good care of yourself! Hugs.

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