‘You know that in this show, we’re always looking for…pop. I feel you haven’t used enough black to let the colors stand out and make them pop. When I look at this piece, it’s just that I miss some…pop.’

I’m watching the season finale of Ink Master. Hey, it’s the holidays, so why not? The mouse-faced juror with a toothpick in the left corner of his mouth is assessing a leg tattoo of a mermaid. Apparently, he feels the colors int the tattoo could be more vidid. And that if the tattoo artist had used more black, it would have helped the colors to stand out and look more vibrant. He thinks it would have enhanced the depth of field of the tattoo, creating a 3D effect and bringing the mermaid to life. 

Pop, goes the weasel. 

In our home, we’ve added a pop of color as well. Something I NEVER had thought the husband would agree to. Or I would like myself, for that matter. We bought a Persian rug. Yes. A grandma rug. A grandma rug in the brightest carmine and indigo you can think of. And with a size of 3 x 4 meters (10 x 14 ft) a statement piece in capitals. 

Remember I suggested the oriental rug wallpaper for the accent wall in the dining room? It was vetoed, of course. But in the same sentence, the husband added: ‘I’d rather have a real oriental rug on the floor then.’ 

I couldn’t believe it. The husband is a very minimalistic and neutral guy, style wise. I mean, he could have written ’50 Shades of Black’.

So we started looking for this recolored carpets, vintage carpets dyed grey or another muted tone. It was all way too expensive of course. So we ended up looking at a carpet through Marktplaats (the local Craigslist) that was the complete opposite of ‘muted’. Standing in the Iranian’s garden, the carpet spread out on the lawn, I got lured in. The longer I looked at the rug, the more beautiful it seemed. 

Sometimes, you just have to be bold and make it pop.

Xoxo – Irene 

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