From a rundown to an uptown kitchen

Camouflage green kitchen pantry
Camouflage green for this east facing pantry.
Open plan kitchen island
We opened up the kitchen to the already open concept living and dining area
Black kitchen island
A T layout for our kitchen with appliances and food storage on the short end.
70s kitchen
Before: a rundown U-shaped kitchen

U shaped 70s kitchen
Before: a kitchen separated from the dining/living

The first before and after post of our remodeling! 

We opened up the kitchen, tore down EVERYTHING and changed the layout. 

Bye bye waterstained wooden counter, mouse poo infested wooden ceiling and white cabinets.  Hello 10ft kitchen island, granite countertops and double door fridge! 

We’re still searching for affordable bar stools and the wall with the appliances need to be finished  off too, but this was after enough for me to share with you. 

Xoxo – Irene 

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