Enjoy the silence

Sharing has become so much harder.

I started this blog as one of those mom blogs, including pictures of my kids. But when the news hits you with pedofile networks downloading those kinds of pictures to get their kick on, it starts me thinking. Junior has now turned full-on teenager on me and would hate me to share anything personal. Mini is now a real kid with his own recognizable features. That picture of them doing stupid stuff, may back fire on them in future thanks to the that facial recognition software that I find so useful now.

And now new privacy rulings imply on this small and personal blog too. I wrote a short privacy policy, not knowing if I’m 100% compliant with the European GDPR rules. It makes me even more hesitant to blog than before.

You may have enjoyed the silence on this blog, or not. It wasn’t silent in my head though. Because for almost over a year, Big Blog Questions have been in my mind. Should I blog in English or in Dutch – it is a question I ask myself on a regular basis. What should I blog about? My fit girl days are long behind me, and so is my healthy mania. The easy way out is just to delete this blog.

And start over. Maybe.

What do you think? Quitting blogging is one thing. But should I delete it too? And if I were to start over – on a totally different subject – should I do it on a new blog?

xoxo – Irene.

6 thoughts on “Enjoy the silence

  1. I wouldn’t quit. Maybe there is a pre-written privacy statement on the web that you could post as a page that would suffice for their needs.

  2. You can start a new one but still keep your old one maybe? As for GDPR, well I don’t know. I have no idea what we as bloggers are supposed to do. The whole thing is a nightmare anyway and I dont think it’s been of any help to ordinary non tech people. Just inundated with emails, some asking to just sign up again if you want to continue receiving emails, others completely re-writing their privacy policy and expecting us to plough our way through it all. I’ve given up even responding to any of it now, it was turning into a full time occupation.

    1. Thank you, I was thinking along the same lines. This could be my blog in English and for Dutch… a new one, maybe. I skipped the 1000 e-mails about GDPR in my inbox too… A nightmare indeed.

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