Not your grey hair

So I passed another decade of existence last month. People say I don’t look my age. They mean it as a compliment. Which got me wondering. Why is looking younger an achievement?

It shows though. My age, that is. Silver strands peek through my black hair. Sometimes I think it’s a reflection of the sun. But it’s not.

How old Microsoft
Seriously, Microsoft?

I say to myself that my age is not important. But I have to confess that my greying hair does. I say I don’t want my prolonged youthfulness to define me, but actually I do. To be more precise: I don’t want my greying hair to betray me.

You are not your grey hair. Your grey hair is you.

Says my husband, confronting me. It’s easy for him. Grey looks good on guys. George Clooney-esque.

I am not my grey hair. But I don’t want to my grey hair to be me either.

How are dealing with going grey?

Or gray? I had a hard time focusing because as soon as I typed down the title my mind was wondering on grey or gray. I guess it’s a US/UK thing but I still don’t know which is what.

Xoxo – Irene

5 thoughts on “Not your grey hair

  1. Hi Irene. Ik heb het lang ontkend dat ik grijs werd/was door de grijze haren weg te verven. Maar toen er uiteindelijk niet meer tegenaan te verven was, ben ik overstag gegaan en heb in één zomer mijn grijze haar tevoorschijn laten komen. Ik heb er geen spijt van, niet alleen omdat het me veel verf (en dus geld) scheelt, maar ook omdat de reacties positief zijn. Ik voel me er goed onder. My grey hair is me…

  2. LOL – I think they’re the same. Either way you feel crappy when you see them coming in and start to feel aged. I’ve not come to grips with mine yet and they grown in right int the front of my head at a rapid pace, so I choose to dye my hair at least twice a month

    the joys of aging

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