Unleash Your Inner Poet

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Writing 201: Poetry  is a two-week course that lets anyone who dabbles in verse (or wants to start) practice the poet’s craft with a supportive community of like-minded bloggers — learn more about its structure and topics!… Continue reading Unleash Your Inner Poet

Ad liberty to say


Free writing day. Ad liberty to write. To speak my mind. It’s a writing prompt that feels like a challenge, a cumbersome one. While it is actually a luxury, the ultimate expression of freedom to be able to say and write want you want. It is for that reason that the freedom of speech is the most fundamental of human rights, taking priority to all other fundamental rights. And yet, those other rights of others keep me from writing freely. Will others be offended? Feel discriminated against? And although it isn’t a fundamental right: what if what they think badly about my writing and use their freedom of speech to express their opinion? Continue reading “Ad liberty to say”

A parental house isn’t just a house

Day 18Hone Your POint of View

I’m sitting on the stoop of our house. It’s 4 pm and I just got home from school. My parents are still both at work and they expect me to do some home work before I go to baseball practice. Of course, I never do. I usually play some Minecraft on my tablet or watch videos on YouTube. Today is different though. Mrs. Pauley, the old woman who lives across the street is moving out. I saw the removal truck when I drove up the street. Maybe it’s childish. But I still like watching trucks and other big vehicles. A removal truck isn’t that fancy, I like the contruction vehicles better. Or police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. It’s not just to the pleasure of my baby brother that I watch out for those cars and point them out to him. I still get a kick out of it too. That is why I leave my tablet and nestled myself on the stoop of our house, munching on some cookies I grabbed from the kitchen. Continue reading “A parental house isn’t just a house”

Blended note taking: Moleskine x Evernote

I used to know only a few terms with blended. Blended martini was the first, I think. After entering the corporate life, I learned about blended fee. The latest what I learned was blended learning: a way where you combine traditional ways of learning  in the classroom with learning through e-learnings, blackboards and webinars. The term stuck to me as I pondered about the lost art of writing and my beloved Moleskine notebooks. I kept me busy as I found a new use for my notebook with bullet journaling. And now I think I might have find a way to … Continue reading Blended note taking: Moleskine x Evernote

Who’s afraid of red, white, blue and orange?

Queen’s Day. It used to be the most important National holiday in the Netherlands, celebrating the queen’s birthday. Queen’s Beatrix’ birthday actually is in January, but she thought that was too cold a month for a birthday. You can’t get any more Dutch than that. Even though Queen’s Day was everywhere, it was a phenomenon that went past me most years. When I was little, we used the day off from work and school to visit my uncle who had his birthday on the same day. So no ‘oranjebitter’ or orange pastry for us. Instead, we munched away on Dutch-Indonesian … Continue reading Who’s afraid of red, white, blue and orange?