Book preview: Genadeloos

Dear Erik Bertrand Larssen, Can I call you Erik? Or do you prefer Erik Betrand? I got a copy of your new book you just released in the Netherlands. In the top right corner you promote your book as the ultimate preparation on your Hell Week. I already read that book, Erik Bertrand, and I did that Hell Week too. Why should I read this book then? And I wonder, why did you release Hell Week first? When I flipped through the pages (I always do that, it raises the suspension of what’s to come. Call me crazy.) it fell … Continue reading Book preview: Genadeloos

Introduction to bullet journaling

I found yet another excuse to justify my love for all things Moleskine. Even though my love for notebooks started with my first diary, my love for my Moleskines is somehow more profound. It’s not just the thoughts trusted to the paper that’s magical. I really feel my notes and my writing and improve when written in one my Moleskine notebooks. I love the thought of using the same notebook as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway that my notes are connected to art, history and literature that way. Yup. I know what you thinking. Those people at Moleskine know how to sell it.

Fortunately, there’s also a more practical use for these overpriced notebooks. Let me introduce you to bullet journalingContinue reading “Introduction to bullet journaling”

Drown those puppies

Nothing says Friday like a easy dinner. Any meal becomes a party when the regular potatoes are exchanged for French fries. Here in the Netherlands, we like them chunky and served with mayonaise. Fat, creamy with just a hint of mustard. It was only until I saw Pulp Fiction that I realized eating fries with mayonnaise is a Dutch and Belgian thing to do. VINCENT: You know what they put on french Fries in Holland instead of ketchup? JULES: What? VINCENT: Mayonnaise. JULES: Goddamn! VINCENT: I seen ’em do it, man. They fuckin’ drown ’em in this shit. JULES: Uuccch! Yes. I do drown ’em in … Continue reading Drown those puppies

Survival guide for running in shorts

[Writing 101 Day 5] Rokjesdag. The first day that Dutch women can wear skirts without tights, it’s today! 21st of March may officially be the first day of spring, here it is only Spring when we’ve celebrated Rokjesdag. That day… #rokjesdag — Eline van Beek ✏️ (@elinevb) April 10, 2015 I decided to celebrate Spring with a run in shorts and running skirt. You should keep some things in mind when you do so: 1. Chafing Know your body type and what kind of shorts suits you best. So choose a bicycle shorts length if needed or one with inner boy … Continue reading Survival guide for running in shorts

The lost art of writing

Note book in the train

[Writing 101 Day 4] This free writing thing is taking me places I’d never thought I’d see again. Today it takes me to the art of writing and how it is taught at school. To the opinion of some that children shouldn’t spend so much on calligraphy writing as on typing. But they forget that writing is not just an art that is under appreciated as we grow up, it is also a learning strategy that is under valued in this digital world we live in.  Continue reading “The lost art of writing”