And I was like

How do I know? The mom had like this true American accent you know? Her daughter had like the same accent, so at first I thought they were like an expat family.

But then, when I heard the younger son talk, he had like this typically Dutch sound slurring through his English. It was kinda rude to overhear them but I was hard to ignore them, right? Especially since mom was on the phone, constantly repeating ‘No, I agree’ and I was like ‘why you’re denying that you agree?’ And I kept wondering if it was like some Asian style of politeness being translated into English.

And then the boy started mixing his English with Dutch words like ‘maskers’ instead of ‘masks’ and I was like do they have a Dutch dad or something?

And then I was like wondering why do Americans use that phrase ‘I was like’ so much? And then I just couldn’t help myself and had to blog about it.

Xoxo – Irene

2 thoughts on “And I was like

  1. lol – leave us alone Finkelstein. We’re like anxious to use fillers during our conversation. Just kidding. I’ve noticed it a lot since I’ve started texting an Australian friend. Sometimes I WRITE the word “like” when I’m explaining what’s happened lol

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