It-Gets-Better Girl

I love how Crazy Grad Mama took the spirit of my free writing prompt and ran with it. It’s what I hoped it would do. You go girl!

crazy mama, PhD

The lovely Irene of Finkelstein and Sonschallenged me to a free-writing exercise with the prompt, “Create your own personal super hero alter ego and describe his or her day.” 


I’ve always said invisibility, when asked what superpower I would choose if I could have but one.  It’s a reflex response born out of a lifetime of wanting to be left alone, un-judged, un-bothered, un-teased.  But I don’t know what I would do with that, as a superheroine.  It’s a selfish response, as is my second choice: being able to instantaneously transport myself (and my family and stuff) wherever in the world we wanted to go.

So maybe not invisibility.

Throughout my life, I have returned repeatedly to the idea of sending support to myself through time.  Huh?  When I’m doing well, when I’m in a good place, I imagine myself sending strength to the person I was…

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