Pinterest of persoonlijk: tan leather sofa

What is your decorating style, Pinterest or personal? 

My name is Finkelstein and I am Pinterest junkie. I can’t recall the day that I didn’t scroll through my Pinterest app. And even though I try and buy old school magazines, it just doesn’t do it for me. Too much text. Too few images. WAY too few images.

But to be honest, it all amounts to the same. The pictures on Pinterest have just as much in common with my home as the photos in Elle Decor – which is close to nothing. The images from both influence my taste, instead of helping find my personal style.

Because I may think that it’s my personal style to love a green velours sofa, or a tan leather one. With matching (green) marble coffee table, please. It would just match so perfectly with my Eames dining chairs. Which in a perfect world would be original, in stead of the knock-off that they are. But dream on, Finkelstein. It’s not. There is nothing personal about that.

Pinterest of persoonlijke interieurstijl
Photo: via Jessica Gordon Ryan
Pinterest of persoonlijk: tan leather sofa
Photo via: Corina Koch

They are showrooms. Pictures of picture perfect showrooms. Showrooms in which family photos have been carefully replaced by some arty photo of Alex Wek. Showroom in which the plastic toy avalanche that rules my living room has been meticulously cleaned up or even better, has been switched out with uber stylish wooden toys. How does that living room look like when the plastic toys come out of their boxes, of when that wooden train falls and dents you hardwoord floor? They are showrooms. Rooms for show. But still. I crave them.

Pinterest of persoonlijk: stylish toy storage
Photo via: Making home base

Consider this my first step. My first step to a realistic and personal home. I hereby solemnly swear that I will hang family photos in our home. That my children’s art will find their way in the decor. That TLOML’s handmade sculpture’s will be put on display. And that I will add plants and flowers.

I feel inspired already! I guess I’ll go and find some Photo and Photoshop projects on Pinterest.

xoxo – Irene


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