Happy new hair!

Hey you! Last week, just after posting my Weekend  Coffee Share blog post on the death of Prince, I finally went to the hair dresser and get my hair did. And yes, just as I announced in my first Weekend Coffee Share post, I cut my hair short. I even had the dramatic gesture of cutting of a braid with three big snip, snip, snips.  Sadly enough it was just too short to donate it to some hair charity. (But thanks for the idea though, Sparkyjen!)

cut off braid

You won’t believe how relieved I was when it had been cut off. Although it may be about 2 inches shorter than I initially wanted, I was so happy to feel like the real me again. I was so happy, I even scheduled for another session for dying my hair.

natural brown bob - short hair brunette
Fresh cut: bob’s your uncle
As a mom, color treatment is normally a luxury I don’t allow myself. Coloring means seeing my colorist every 6 weeks, spending 100 euros a time for trimming my hair and reapplying roots. No can’t do. But as it is my birthday next week, I decided I could indulge myself. And if I’m truly honest: a necessary splurge as well. Those grey strands are nowundoubtedly
protruding my tresses and it matches very badly with my forever-young-look I like to hold on to.

It’s funny how a 3 hour session at the colorists ends up in a totally natural look like I had nothing done to my hair. But if you want to know: my roots are dyed in the color they should have (so minus the grey) and then the midsections are colored in a metallic brown with a purple rose hue. My highlights are a medium chocolate red. Who would have thought, huh? *sips from coffee*

Before and after. Yeah baby!

Anyway. After cutting and coloring I’m almost 200 euros poorer, but so much self confidence richer! I can honestly say: Happy New Hair!

xoxo- Irene.

I wrote this post to a recurring prompt by Part-time Monster called Weekend Coffee Share. Each weekend, bloggers publish posts about what they’d say to their readers if they were sitting down together over a cup of coffee. Most posts start with ‘If we were having coffee’, although I’ve chosen to just write a personal, direct post. 


22 thoughts on “Happy new hair!

    1. I thought so too, but coloring really makes a difference (and time and money). We’ll see how quickly I get tired of maintaining my color.

    1. Thank you! Still asking whether this is a middle-aged woman’s cut or a school girl cut. Cute makes me think the latter. Which is good! I think…

      1. I don’t think it ages you at all. I think it’s a young and sassy cut/color. I really love the color on you.

        Truth bomb: Some middle age women will get that cut for that exact reason (young & sassy). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s all good, have fun with your hair (just don’t go too broke).

  1. Your new haircut and you look fantastic. Gives you a real lift. I know what it’s like putting off hair treatments to pay the bills when you have a family and the last time I had a haircut, she asked me if I had a fringe…yikes. Neglect. I also get worried that I’ve caught nits from my kids. They seem to be nit free this year, which is fantastic. Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena

    1. Nits….I know! Mini had nits from kindergarten and I totally freaked out about them ‘jumping ship’. I learned you can only catch them through hair-to-hair contact so I kept cuddling to a minimum for a while 🙂

      1. It’s terrible when you’re reading to your child and feel their head fall against your own and you almost jump out of your skin…nit walk bridge!!! We’ve had terrible trouble and I’ve kept a comb in the shower. My kids went to new schools this year and so far, so good. Could the end be in sight???!!! xx Rowena

  2. You look great! I think you should maintain that hair length. 😉

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